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English for Academic Purposes (EAP) aims at preparing international students for many new challenges they will face in the English-medium universities or colleges. At AIC, we offer two levels of EAP courses (EAP 1 and EAP 2) designed to help you create your own academic success. Each level can operate as a stand-alone course. Using task-based activities and approaches, it concentrates on academic skills needed for listening, speaking, reading and writing.


Our EAP courses are carefully structured to teach essential academic English skills in the following key areas.

  • oral presentation skills
  • listening and note-taking skills in lectures
  • essay writing
  • report writing
  • critical analysis
  • analytical thinking skills
  • research skills
  • evaluating primary and secondary resources/data
  • time management techniques

Also, our EAP courses have a very strong focus on helping you step by step with more advanced grammar, vocabulary, English for the internet age, learner independence and study skills which are required in higher education or university courses in Australia. You will benefit from this academic program which also features lectures and tutorial format classes.


Quick Facts

Australian Ideal College opens all year round with frequent entry dates (weekly intakes) and you can choose to study in our English program(s) for whatever period best suits you.

Notes: * Depending on your current English language proficiency, you may enroll in our EAP programs up to 24 weeks. 
          * If your IELTS test score is 5.0, you are advised to enroll in our EAP courses for a minimum of 12 -15 weeks.


Entry Requirements

English for Academic Purposes 1 (EAP 1) is open to students who meet one of the following requirements for direct entry.

  • an intermediate level of General English or above
  • successful completion of English for High School Preparation at the intermediate level

English for Academic Purposes 2 (EAP 2) requires students to meet one of the following requirements for direct entry.

  • an upper intermediate level of General English (or equivalent) or
  • successful completion of our English for Academic Purposes 1 (EAP 1)

In the interest of our students, we provide students with a comprehensive placement test that includes reading, writing, listening and speaking to ensure that they are placed in a course most suitable to their language proficiency. We will also advise them of appropriate duration of study in the English language based on the placement tests done on the Orientation Day.



Upon successful completion of our EAP 2, you will be able to gain a good command of English at an advanced level. You can then progress to our business programs (Certificate IV in Business Administration, Diploma of Management or Advanced Diploma of Management) or a tertiary institution such as a university. Other conditions may apply.



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